Back and Forth, Back and Forth

Where are we? There is some turbulence and it’s about 5:30EST right now, so there are about 2 hours (hopefully) until we get to the gate in Washington (IAD).

Yup, it’s Thursday night again (Friday morning?) and I’m winging my way back home for the weekend. Ah, Denver Center is now our ATC contact. And we’re at 37,000 feet which means eastbound (odd numbers east, even numbers west).

So, last week I was on vacation and I left my guys to fend for themselves with the project. They didn’t go too far astray, but we discovered that NCover was reporting 45% test coverage on the work. Not good.

We were assigned a new developer too. This manager is really getting it together. All we need now is a common work area, and co-location.

Because of the crappy coverage, we put aside a couple of (ill defined) cards for the iteration and set about getting the coverage up to 100%.

Why 100%? Judging by my previous post on testing, you’d think that 85% or so would be good enough. Partly punishment, you suggest? Nah.

There was a comment by my buddy, the Big Guy, who pointed out correctly, that even in the case of mutators (getters and setters), the test isn’t supposed to know that the implementation is simple. I don’t remember if that’s what he said exactly, but I think that was the intent. (No net connection airborne is a pain).

I never was that strict about it, but the more I work with newbie TDD practitioners, the more strict I think one has to be (at least to start with). The Big Guy was right; for once. 😉

I left my team today with the assignment of creating a Presenter and View interface to an MDI frame. The idea is that we can more easily test the Presenters using a stubbed view that implements the interface. I don’t allow the creation of a WinForm until the IView is completely expressed and tested using the Presenter tests and the stub. Even the diehard VBists in the group can’t help but being impressed with the results.

The application will require some context-sensitive smarts so that the user doesn’t walk into a trap. I hope I don’t find a nasty bit waiting for me on Monday. One of my guys loves reflection.

I like reflection too, when there’s no other way to do it simply.

Do the simplest thing that could work…

My wife has given the suggestion that I ought to stay out on the west coast every other weekend, thereby relieving some of this travel fatigue. I’m going to try it pretty soon too.

I hate not seeing the family, and I hate seeing them for 12 hours and leaving again; it’s kind of lose-lose.

I guess this is the biggest reason for turnover at ThoughtWorks.


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