Well, Vacation is Coming..

So, I took a Delta flight out this time and I’ll tell you I miss having status on the airline I’m traveling on. It gets pretty easy when you get to board with the folks in first class, even when you aren’t in first class.

And United has the EconoPlus area on virtually all of their planes. Get an exit row, and you have a lot more leg room than you would in first class too. No food/drink service, but I can deal… Most of these posts are created on the plane, and the best ones are in EconoPlus (so far).

On the other hand, I am happy to be traveling on the southern route. No snow in my path, to or fro.

Christmas vacation is next week. On Thursday next, instead of flying to South Carolina, I’ll be flying direct from LA to Toronto where I’ll have a deserved 10 day vacation before resuming the commute after New Year.

I’m hearing rumblings that this account will be ‘transitioned’ soon. Meaning, I’ll be traveling to (hopefully) closer accounts in the New Year. I like the folks I’m working with but damn, what a schedule. I’m averaging about 24 hours of travel every week. Add 40 hours of developing/mentoring and it’s a work week that I gave up when I moved south 9 years ago.


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