Bill Gates is Retiring..

So the news stations are freaking out.. “Bill Gates is retiring! Oh no!!” or “Bill Gates is retiring! Oh great!! No seriously, this is good for Microsoft!”


Bill isn’t going any where for two years.

As the illustrious/nefarious (depending on your point of view) Mr. Gates has said repeatedly (paraphrasing), ‘This industry changes over night. We aren’t secure, therefore we aren’t a monopoly.’

Guess what? WHGIII will still be there over the next two years to deal with the changes.

What’s not that weird is that Microsoft bought Groove last year (I was on-site at Microsoft when that happened, actually) apparently to get Ray Ozzie into the company. The folks that I met in Redmond last year were really positive about the arrival of Ray.

As Chief Architect, we’ll see what Ray’s got.

And hey Bill? Good for you.


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