Agile Development == Workers’ Rights?

(This post was started, but not published, in May 2006.  I’m including it here because I feel it’s an interesting thought.  What do you think?)

Here’s a concept: Agile Development Movement is analogous to the Workers’ Rights Movement

Like the miners and industrial workers of the 19th and 20th centuries, we software developers are faced (in standard organizations) with managements that proscribe our work environments, the tools we use and the conditions in which we work.

Not buying it yet?

Imagine an environment in which the management requires the workers to produce their work using grossly inefficient processes that impairs their productivity to such an extent that their very jobs are threatened.

Worse, in an effort to reduce productivity shortfalls, management simply demands that the workers do more work.

The only good thing about this environment is that, at least in the case of software developers, we aren’t in physical danger – at least not directly.



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