A Whole New Thing..

So I’ve taken a job in sunny Southern California with a company that I originally encountered about two years ago.  I had a great time with the main folks there, doing some mentoring and coaching in the agile methods.

Joining a company is NOT the same as consulting.  There are some frustrations; I was 1 of 800, now I’m 1 of 60,000+.  There are bureaucratic issues, political issues, etc.  I see things that are obvious to me but I can’t say them out loud (yet) and there are some things that are not obvious, but will need to be addressed.

My family is staying in the South for a while, so I may increase my posting frequency as I sort through the day-to-day of being a salaried company man, instead of a salaried agitator from a consultancy.

Let’s hope these ruminations are useful to us both.

Thanks for looking in..


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