Back to the Stone Age Part II

So I moved to a new apartment, this time closer to the 101, and this time, I can have a cable internet connection.  Hooray!

I also get digital cable, HDTV and HD-DVRs.  All the good stuff of the 21st century.  Or not.

Actually, all of the above is true.  Except the DVR part. 

Time Warner Cable (California) must have the worst DVR software on the market.  South Carolina’s Time Warner franchise has much better software.  Better user experience and much better control.

For example, the SC version lets you jump to the end of a program and go backwards to the point you want near the end.  Not CA’s.

If you accidentally fast forward too far to the end of a show, the SC version lets you rewind.  The CA version says “Delete?” or “Don’t Delete”.  If you say, “Don’t Delete” then you are returned to the recordings list.  Because of my previous point, you have to fast forward through the entire program to get where you wanted to go to the first time.

Oops, the DVR doesn’t respond to your commands quickly enough, sometimes storing several fast forward commands — but you don’t know that because nothing is happening — all of a sudden.. “Delete?” or “Don’t Delete”.


I feel sorry for my neighbors.  Good thing their kids are too young to understand the garbled exclamations of frustration.

Who knew that, yet again, South Carolina would ‘out technology’ California?


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