Voter Registration Fraud is Not Equal to Voter Fraud

The current mountain out a molehill from the McCain Campaign is that somehow, ACORN (the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) is perpetrating massive voter fraud that “threatens the very fabric of democracy”.


What is happening is that ACORN hires people, sometimes lazy people, who sometimes make up names instead of actually registering voters.  The law requires that ACORN turn over all the voter registration forms, including the fraudulent ones (which are typically marked as suspect),so they can’t keep them out of the process even if they want to.

The key concept here is that this is voter registration fraud, not voter fraud.  And the fraud is on ACORN because they paid for the bogus registrations.

By the way, even if any of these bogus registrations made it through to the voter roles how many of the non-existent voters would turn up to vote anyway?

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