New Name: Repellicans

My wife came up with a new name for the Obama naysayers:  Repellicans.

These folks are not necessarily Republicans because there are a large number of Republicans who are openly supportive of the new president, including, but not limited to, Sen. Lindsay Graham of South Carolina.

Her first nominee for this ‘party’ is Chris Wallace of Fox News (what else?) who apparently was the first to call into question whether President Obama was legitimately sworn in yesterday.

(Note: I said, as soon as Chief Justice Roberts flubbed the lines, “The right wingers are gonna be all over that!”  And, sadly, I was correct.)

I think I’d have to add the senator from Texas, John Cornyn who is holding back on the confirmation of the nominee for Attorney General, Eric Holder. 

Repellican Party Charter Members:

  • Chris Wallace, Esq
  • Sen. John Cornyn (R) Texas

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