Two More Repellicans

Anne Coulter – Noteworthy only for her capacity to say outrageously false things with conviction.  Nomination accepted.

John Boehner (R) – Minority House Leader, who believe that the government stimulus package should give more money to people to pay down debts or invest somewhere instead of having the government actually spend it in the country thereby stimulating the economy.

The Democrats have a majority in both houses.  Why is this an issue?  There are ways to stop a filibuster in the Senate too, so that shouldn’t be an excuse.

Looks like the Democrats’ Leadership needs to get some backbone.  Still.

Charter Members of the Repellican Party:

  • Chris Wallace
  • Senator John Cornyn (R)
  • Anne Coulter
  • Representative John Boehner (R)

Unfortunately, the membership committee is still accepting nominations

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