Can I Get Some Support Here?

I’ve been chasing my development comrades around for a year or so, convincing them that test-driven development is a good thing.  That continuous integration is a great way to show what  a great job we’re doing by being transparent – posting our success and coverage numbers for everyone to see.

All the developers I can get to try it come back saying, “You know, I wouldn’t have caught this bug before it went to production without TDD.”

Score!  A convert!

We set up a CI server running JetBrains’ TeamCity.  Dead easy and it’s been working great.  We have about four development teams using CI this way now – we’re still working on the testing – and even the configuration management group likes what they’re seeing.

So what’s the problem?

Memo from the standards group.  “Uh, we don’t have TeamCity on our list.  Your choices are, CruiseControl, Rational Buildforge, or Team Foundation Team Build.”

My response was, “Okay, but we’re in the middle of a transition here.  Do you suppose we could just go ahead and change over later (once the habit is good and engrained)?”

Their answer?  “We’re not comfortable with that”

I am getting a lot of support from the local management, so hopefully things will brighten in the next day or so.

Next.. Can I get you guys to estimate in some TDD time?

2 thoughts on “Can I Get Some Support Here?

  1. As a matter of fact, no 😉

    But it is a great question, and I have a meeting set up with the standards guys who opposed, and now have relented in the name of practice over tool.

    A brief description of what we were already doing, and the level of integration we’ve achieved in a relatively short time has them very interested..

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