No, YOU don’t get the point..

In this post, Stephan Schmidt says Martin Fowler misses the point because Scrum is not about engineering practices (see here).

Actually, Stephan, you missed Martin’s point.

Martin’s post says essentially, that Scrum is gaining a reputation as an agile process that doesn’t work.  That is happening because the people who are adopting Scrum as their process believe that the management processes provided are enough and/or they aren’t aware of the engineering practices that are required to support it.

Professional developers do get it. They get that they need the discipline of the engineering practices.  They need that discipline regardless of the process by-the-way.

Unfortunately, the IT world is full of developers who don’t get it.  And their managers know they need to do something to try and change things.  Scrum has a corporately acceptable brand because it sounds like fast waterfall.  And, by-the-way, it doesn’t specify any engineering practices to help support the process.

Martin doesn’t miss the point.  That’s exactly his point.


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