Moving on to New Responsibilities

Well, not moving on so much as transferring to a new position.

As of the first of the month I am transferring to an enterprise role in the Bank where it will be my official duty to help drive the adoption of agile processes in the Bank.

I know.  Agile and Bank in the same sentence?

The answer is, “Of course.”

What better methodology to use than one that does the best job (currently) of minimizing risk?

After managing risk, the next most obvious goal is to improve speed to market – we are in a competitive business after all.

Combining the twin goals of risk mitigation and speed to market gives the side-effect of managing the release of vast waves of change across dozens of disparate yet connected software domains.

Sounds like fun to me.

I won’t always (ever?) be able to get into the details of the trials and tribulations of revamping the process implementation, but I’ll do my best to post the play-by-play of the lessons learned as we go.

Keep in touch, it’s going to get interesting…


2 thoughts on “Moving on to New Responsibilities

    1. I’m more concerned with the methods and practices than with the tools that are used.

      There are a number of specific technologies, for example Continuous Integration tools of which the Bank has identified a limited set. I did have a direct influence on the selection of those tools.

      But not final say..

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