Possible Air Travel Problems Call for More New Reading

So, I’m traveling to Toronto for the annual pilgrimage to the homeland for the holidays.  This time, for the first time in probably 6-7 years, my travel plans are threatened by winter weather.

The forecast is for snow.  Again.  But I think that the folks at Lester Pearson International know how to handle snow.  Since I’m flying direct, I’m hoping that’s enough to insure safe passage.

Just in case, I have three pieces of reading material to keep me company.  A novel, a magazine and a non-fiction tome.

The novel is “Next”, by the lamentably late Michael Crichton. I’m sad to see a Renaissance man’s untimely departure.  Just started.  Review to follow.

The magazine is Wired, January 2009.  An article on whether we should actually look for a cure for cancer, or simply look for ways to find it faster, caught my eye.  There’s an article about an individual aircraft too; the Icon A5.  Looking forward to relative fluff there..

The non-fiction tome is, “Spin-Free Economics“, by Nariman Behravesh.  So far, a partisan-free look at economic issues with a forward that chides both sides for perpetrating myths to their own ends.  Looking forward to delving further.

More to follow..

If my eyes tire, and the trip wears on, I have my trusty iPod loaded with NPR shows to keep me stimulated.

Yeah, I have music too.

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