Support This!

So this morning I was notified that my new MindAlign account was ready to use and "don’t use your Office Communicator account after you install MindAlign."


I installed MindAlign the other day when I requested access.

Sure enough, MOC was there running on my desktop, and equally sure enough, all the problems they said might happen did.


The FAQ said to call local support to get my account reset – and stop running MOC.

I called local support and went through the usual stuff. Finally after about 30 minutes they asked, "May I take over the desktop and look into it?"

"Why?", I asked. "What are you going to do?"

"Uninstall and reinstall MindAlign.", came the response.

"Okay.", I said suspiciously. "You won’t wreck anything, right?"

"Of course not.", she said.

Famous last words..  Recovering now; or trying to…


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