Fess up Apple Fanboys..

It’s a long story* but after many years of resisting the siren call of buying a Mac when all the cool kids were doing it, I have recently come into possession of a 2 year old Macbook Pro.

So here’s where I expect a confession from all the Apple fanboys.  I’ve been getting familiar with the Mac, adjusting preferences, installing Office:Mac, etc. and you know what happens?  Every time there’s a change to anything ‘important’ and even though I’m logged into an administrator account, I get prompted for my account password every time.

Weird.  Microsoft’s Windows Vista was raked over the coals for exactly the same behavior.  That was the beginning of 2007, and Windows 7 made that behavior a little more intelligent (Windows 8 makes the experience a little different but that’s another story).  This is OS X 10.6.8 which presumably is newer than that, but hey, I’m not a fanboy, so I can’t give chapter and verse.. and yeah, I meant that analogy.

Fess up fanboys; OS X isn’t that fantastic.  In the words of one of my old friends, “It’s just another operating system.”


* As a result of a relocation, we are moving out of our 3,000 sqft single family home into a 1,500 sqft apartment and the lawn tractor had to go.  A local craigslist listing was looking to barter a Macbook Pro for some lawn equipment and voila, I now have a much smaller package of equivalent value.


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