What I Have Been Reading Lately..

Since the last update, I have been paying attention to the career side of things.

Pragmatic Thinking & Learning: Refactor Your Wetware, by Andy Hunt.   I really enjoyed Andy’s approach to this book.  It is full of tidbits and insights that lay the groundwork for ‘refactoring you wetware’.  I am about to embark on a ‘Pragmatic Investment Plan’ to learn Python and I will be SMART about it..

After that I read, Behind Closed Doors: Secrets of Great Management, by Johanna Rothman and Esther Derby.  This was definitely an interesting read.  These are things that I know from my practice as a consultant, watching good managers and bad, but I wouldn’t have had the insight to write them down.  I have implemented a few of the techniques now that I am a manager.

Just in general, I am always pleased by the books from The Pragmatic Bookshelf, they are relevant and always written in an accessible style.  For me, that title used to belong to APress; No longer.  And not for a while really.  If I could afford to, I’d probably buy one of each of Andy and Dave’s titles; maybe more as gifts.

The last book that I picked up recently, and I’m halfway through, is Malcolm Gladwell’s latest, Outliers: The Story of Success.  It will make you think about all those “picked myself up by my own bootstraps” biographies you’ve read over the years.  Recommended.

1 thought on “What I Have Been Reading Lately..

  1. How is the Python effort coming along? It seems to be a surprisingly easy language to learn and use (I am on a similar path).

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